Buy to let

What you will gain from working with us
  • We move fast, time is money and we do not like wasting anyWe offer a free consult on the possibilities in renting out your property
  • Most houses we work on are rented out within two weeks
  • We offer a wide variety of services, guiding you through every step
  • We will take care of all your maintenance work and other dayto day communication with the renters
  • We deliver market conform pricing
  • In today’s world, and especially in the housing industry, having the right network is key. We are in direct touch with a big network and work closely with international companies, other real estate agents, expats, relocation bureaus and more
  • We conduct thorough (credit) checks on potential tenants and mainly work with expats

Ready to move? Contact us: (+31) 20 772 34 60