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do you wish to let your property, or find a house to purchase and let?

Renting out, or ‘letting, can be a good investment opportunity when you have an unoccupied property or wish to expand your investment portfolio. Dutch Real Estate Company can help you find the perfect property, find reliable tenants and manage all maintenance tasks and other day-to-day communication with the tenants. We move fast, we find time is money and we do not like wasting any. Would you like to discuss your opportunities? We offer a free consult on the possibilities in renting out your property.

In today’s world, and especially in the housing industry, having the right network is key. And ours includes many international companies, other real estate agents, expats, relocation bureaus and other relevant groups through which we can offer you a wide variety of services. Of course we are there to guide you through every step. Like with buyers and tenants in regular sales and rent, we conduct thorough (credit) checks on potential tenants and mainly work with expats.

For a detailed plan of approach, read our step-by-step below for more information. Each of these steps will be completely tailored to your needs and wishes. Any questions at any point?

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Step by step buying and letting your property


During the intake we will go over your wishes and the essentials, your ‘must haves’ and your ‘nice to have’s. Together we will go over the renting out possibilities and discuss a market conform pricing strategy. Still need to find a property to let frst? We will help you in your search. We will definetly make sure to not leave anything out. With our expertise on the housing market, it’s developments and all laws and regulations we can assist you every step of the way.

Step 2 - Getting started

We will manage the letting of your property with the care it deserves and ensure a smooth process. We will visit your property and determine the price, taking in all aspects such as its characteristics, the state of the property, its location, furnished or not etcetera. Throughout the process we will remain in contact with you and will be available to you at any time.

Step 3 - Promotion and presentation

While we visit your property we will take professional photos, create accurate floorplans and arrange crafted descriptions to get all promotion sorted. Our professional team will then make sure your property is marketed the right way, through the right online channels, with the right people, at the right time. After all, with marketing your property, it is not just about who you know, it is about who knows your property.

Step 4 - Viewings and screening

Per your preference, we can plan and host an open house day or individual viewings to invite all interested parties to get a feel of the property and get their questions answered. We can handle all communication and viewings for you if you wish, so we can move rapidly and efficiently, without putting pressure on your time. All prospective tenants will receive a thorough (credit) check, to see if they are eligible for the rent.

Step 5 - agreement and contract

Having agreed on the price and conditions, the contract will be prepared, approved and signed. We will make sure all agreements are communicated and recorded. We will then take care of delivering all required documents to you and the tenant, to finalize the rent agreement.

Step 6 - follow up  and management

Lastly, we will perform the inspection at the start of the rental agreement before we offer the tenants the keys. Congratulations, you have successfully rented out your house! Would you like us to keep oversight of the day-to-day communication with the tenants and accompanying tasks? No problem!

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