Buy to let

What you will gain from working with us
  • We move fast, time is money and we do not like wasting anyWe offer a free consult on the possibilities in renting out your property
  • Most houses we work on are rented out within two weeks
  • We offer a wide variety of services, guiding you through every step
  • We will take care of all your maintenance work and other dayto day communication with the renters
  • We deliver market conform pricing
  • In today’s world, and especially in the housing industry, having the right network is key. We are in direct touch with a big network and work closely with international companies, other real estate agents, expats, relocation bureaus and more
  • We conduct thorough (credit) checks on potential tenants and mainly work with expats

Step by step homeowners guide

Because you want your property to deliver what it is worth. Let your property work for you, without just you being responsible.
You have the property, we have the knowledge and expertise. Let us handle your administration, legal, financial and technical handlings, amongst other duties that come with owning and renting out your property. We are the experts, let us deliver your requests.

Step 1 - Intake
During the intake we will go over your wishes and the essentials, your ‘must haves’ and your ‘nice to have’s. Together we will go over the renting out possibilities and discuss a market conform pricing strategy. We will make sure we do not leave anything out. With our current knowledge on the housing market, it’s developments and all laws and regulations we can assist you every step of the way.

Step 2 - Getting started
Throughout the process we will do what we are good at, so you get to keep doing what you are good at. Guiding you through the process smoothly and effortlessly from start to finish. Preparing your property, marketing it the right way, reaching potential tenants and delivering optimum returns are high on our agenda.

Step 3 - Promotion
We will visit your property, take photos and get all promotion sorted. Our professional team will make sure your property is marketed the right way, with the right people, at the right time. Through our extensive, international network and collaborations with international companies, your property will be presented around the world. After all, with marketing your property, it is not just about who you know, it is about who knows your property.

Step 4 - Viewings
We will actively seek out potential tenants and plan in viewings. We can handle all communication and tours for you if you wish, so we can move rapidly and efficiently, without putting pressure on your time.

Step 5 - Screening
All interested tenants will receive a thorough (credit) check, to see if they are eligible for the rent.

Step 6 - Signing
Having found the right fit, the contract will be prepared, approved, negotiated and signed. We will arrange the handover of the keys, compile an inspection report and collect the deposit.

Step 7 - Follow-up
We will help the tenant get settled-in, including the arrangement of utilities, and will handle all onward communication and intermediate inspections for you. In case any concerns on the tenant part arise, we will be there to service them.

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