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Let us help you find your new

Step by step buying guide

Step 1 - Intake

During the intake we will go over your criteria and wishes. The area, the size of the property, the state of the property, you name it. We will take you through the process of buying a house in The Netherlands and further inform you of our services.

Step 2 - Search

No need to stroll the internet looking for your ideal property. We will look for a property that fits your demands best. Online, but also through our extensive network. Not only do we know where to look, but we have access to view properties before they appear on different housing sites. Let us get you to the right places!

Step 3 - Viewing

Time to view the homes we both deem suitable. We will do our best to assist you in all your viewings, to make sure you receive a thorough tour and we get all your questions answered. We will do a thorough investigation of the properties that peak your interest most, research the area and map out any additional investment that might be required when buying the property.

Step 4 - Negotiations

Like the place? We will start the negotiation process and work on getting you the best price for the property.

Step 5 - Financials

Once the bid has been accepted, we will assist you in arranging the financials. Offer mortgage advice when needed or assist you in putting your private equity to work.

Step 6 - Ownership/renovations

You are now the happy owner of a new house! Congratulations. First we will celebrate. Then we will continue to stay in touch to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will be here to assist you in every next move with your property, whether that would be expansion, renovations or restyling. We have a team of experienced stylists and contractors, ready to serve you every step of the way.


Do not wait any longer and let us help you find your new home!

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