We believe that finding the right home should be the least of your worries in today’s busy times

That is where we come in. We help you find the perfect home that fits your wishes and requirements. Even though your relocation may be temporarily, you want to feel right at home. No need to search far and wide on the internet, we are here to help you find the perfect home to rent for you.

For a detailed plan of approach, read our step-by-step below for more information. Each of these steps will be completely tailored to your needs and wishes. Any questions at any point? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Step by step renting guide

Step 1 - Intake

During the intake, we will discuss your criteria and preferences. This includes factors such as your preferred location, property size, lease duration, and whether you prefer furnished or unfurnished accommodations. We will also work together to establish your budget and provide you with an overview of available options. Our goal during this step is to guide you through the process of renting a property in The Netherlands while introducing you to our range of services.

Step 2 - Property Search

You won't need to scour the internet in search of your ideal property. We will diligently seek out a property that aligns with your specific requirements, leveraging both online resources and our extensive network. Not only do we know where to look, but we also have access to properties before they are listed on various housing platforms. Trust us to guide you to the right places.

Step 3 - Property Viewings

Now it's time to visit the properties that both you and we consider suitable. We will make every effort to accompany you during these viewings, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive tour and that all your questions are answered.

Step 4 - Negotiation and Agreement

Found a place you love? We'll take care of negotiating the best price and contract terms on your behalf. We'll review the contract and handle all the necessary arrangements to ensure everything is in order for you.

Step 5 - Move-In Process

Before you move in, we'll conduct a thorough inspection of the property, complete with photos and detailed notes. We'll also assist in getting your utilities connected. After you've settled in, we'll maintain ongoing communication to ensure that everything remains in place, making you feel at home.

Do not wait any longer and let us help you find your new home!

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