We offer a wide variety of services, to meet your every demand. Whether you would like to manage your own let, buy or sale, or would like to let us handle things for you, we can design it as you wish.

We have all knowledge and experience in-house to provide you with the right mortgage advice to help you buy the property you are after. 

Appraisal report
We conduct detailed, professional evaluations of a property’s value, based on an inspection of the property and a review of nearby, comparable properties along with their value. Before settling a final appraisal, we also assist in enhancing the value of a property, through recommending specific fixes, repairs and/or updates.

Property inspection report
We construct property inspection reports, stating the property’s condition and a site, exterior- and interior description. The construction of such report is recommended in both buying as well as selling a property. The report is very extensive and meets all requirements laid out by the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie. This property inspection report is stated in clear language, includes photos and is handed to you both in hard copy as well as digitally.

Whether it is to enhance the value of a property for sale or rent, or upgrading a new property, we are here to assist on all renovations. No matter the scale, from small fixes to full home makeovers, from new floors to new bathrooms, together we will make it happen.  

Again, whether it is styling to enhance the value of a property for sale or rent, or it is styling a new property, we are here to assist you. We all know first impressions count, so let’s showcase the property the right way. At times, all a property needs is a small retouch to make all the difference, or one might even consider a bigger make-over. Let’s make your property feel like home, whether it’s yours to live in, or yours to sell or rent out.

Property photography
Taking the right pictures of your home requires property knowledge and the right equipment. When putting your house up for sale or rent, we want it to showcase all its unique traits and show its worth.

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