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Prins Hendrikkade 5 A


Nieuw 375
Goed 361
Gemiddeld 347
Opknapper 319

434K (te hoog)

Gelijk aan Walter.

11-02 WJH brengt bod 272K uit incl. voorgenoemde voorbehouden en als extra voorbehoud lijst van inboedel.
10-02 Makelaar brengt tegenbod uit 276K.
06-02 WJH brengt laatste en finale bod uit. 370K, geen financiering, bouwkundige keuring max 5K, passeren Diemer Notariaat zonder meerkosten, incl. complete inboedel, levering 1 mei 2023, bod geldig tot 06-02 16:00 uur.
31-01 WJH brengt bod uit voor Chan. Verschil tussen bod en tegenbod te groot dus geen deal.
26-01 WJH videoviewing. Mooi en perfect onderhouden appartement. Het onderstaande gemaild aan Chan:

The apartment, with a nice waterfront view, is well maintained and does not show critical or massive constructional malfunctions. Also from the legal side no strange or uncommon things discovered. Outside the building measurement bolds are placed by the municipality in order to measure the movements (sinking) of the foundation. No critical measurements are found. Please note, moving/sinking of buildings in The Netherlands is common (they all do) and not critical as long as the sinking or movements are not too much over a short period of time.

Inside the apartment as well as outside renovations/maintenance were carried out recently:
-???????Outer wall frontside and outside cleaned and grouting renewed in 2019;
-Rooftop including rain pipes and wall gutters renewed 2018;
-Painting outside is maintained until 2021
???????-Painting frames inside 2020
-All windows double glazed. On the frontside the double glazing was placed in 2021 (wrong mentioned on the energy label)
-Laminated floor and the second floor renewed in 2020
-Bathroom renovated in 2020 including floor heating 
-Boiler for heating and heated tapwater renewed in 2020
-All groups in the electricity box renewed in 2020
The oven in the kitchen is from an older type and is not functioning perfectly anymore. My advice is to install a new one.

A separate storage space belongs to the apartment. There is an additional separate storage place, belonging to the home owners association, but in use by the current apartment owner without costs. It’s unknown if this extra storage space will be available after the sale.
Parking is free of charge in front of the apartment.

???????The layout of the apartment shows 3 bedrooms. One bedroom is on the first floor next to the kitchen and to my opinion not sufficient to use as a bedroom.

The current monthly costs for gas and electricity is € 100,- which is more than sufficient according to the current owner.
???????Taxes by municipality and other governments in total around € 850,- per year which is common for this type and location of the apartment.  

The home owners association is small (only 5 apartments) but active. A professional party just finalized the long term maintenance plan for the apartments and they have a deposit on the bank of appr. € 8.800,-. The monthly service fee is € 100,-. There are plans to increase this fee a bit which is a good idea to keep funds for maintenance and improvements. One of the 5 apartments is already rented out with permission of the home owner association. The home owners association is saving money for solar panels as a side project.

A nice and quiet area with shops and restaurants in the close vicinity. According to the home owners association and the municipality the quay in front of the building will be renovated. The start of this project is scheduled for this summer. There is a plan by the municipality to change the quay into a boulevard with a lot of trees. It’s yet unknown when the municipality will execute this plan (it could take some time) but after the execution of this plan the value of the apartment will increase. 

The current owner bought the apartment in June 2020 for € 310K. 
The current market value is to my opinion between the € 360K and € 380K
Given all the aspects as described above buying the apartment is a good investment. If you want to place an offer I should start with an offer of € 365K cash offer including the movable items which the seller wants to leave behind against an additional payment (wardrobe bedroom, mounting system for paintings, mirror bathroom). 



€ 389.500
Prins Hendrikkade 5 A
1501 AA


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Appartement, Maisonette

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